Our Mission

We're on the road to Net Zero and need your help. We are searching for emerging technologies and  innovative companies to work with on our journey.

Add your Technology, Innovation, Product, Service or idea in to our 2022 Innovation Challenge. 

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Successful solutions will meet the following criteria:
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Addresses Key Issues Utilizes emerging technology Is a Viable Technology Is Ready for Integration
Technology should address our key identified problems We're specifically looking for breakthrough technologies which could transform the way we operate Concept and approach should be fundamentally sound The technology should be able to be adopted into our existing portfolio and processes
Key Issues to Address:
Energy Efficiency

Our operations have a significant energy footprint. We strive to use the electricity and fuels we need in the most efficient way possible.

We are looking for new solutions, technologies and ways of working to increase our efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Process Improvements

To meet our Carbon and business ambitions we need to continually improve the way we operate.

We are looking for innovations to build on our traditional ways of working that can transform our processes.

Meet our Judges!

Procurement Director

Sustainability lead - Logistics

Net Zero Manager

Head of European Innovation Centre for Sustainable Construction